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Proven Results

Achates Power engineers have published a series of technical papers to help inform the industry about the advantages of opposed piston engines and to document measured results.   The most important papers are available below.


Sustainable Now - OP Engine Operating with Renewal Diesel647.3 KBMay 13, 2024Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Performance and Emissions Summary - On Road Demonstration614.9 KBMay 13, 2024Achates Power Initial Hydrogen Combustion Test Results Report814.8 KBFebruary 2, 2024Hydrogen Opposed-Piston Engine with Direct Injection, Compression Ignition Combustion906.3 KBNovember 7, 2023Summary of the 2022 CARB Heavy-Duty Demonstration Program Review585.3 KBJune 10, 2022Achates Power Opposed-Piston Engine Commercialization Pathway473.7 KBMay 13, 2022Achates Power Heavy Duty Diesel In-Use Testing Results250.8 KBApril 6, 2022Initial Results on a New Light- Duty 2.7-L Opposed-Piston Gasoline Compression Ignition Multi-Cylinder Engine - JERT-21-18311.6 MBFebruary 11, 2022Achates Power - Ultralow NOx at Low Loads and Idle537.3 KBJune 17, 2021Hydrogen Opposed-Piston Engines842.0 KBMay 21, 2021Summary of the CARB Heavy-Duty Demonstration Program Review739.2 KBApril 28, 2021Achates Power Opposed-Piston Engine Oil Consumption and Durability Results463.5 KBFebruary 8, 2021Achates Power Opposed-Piston Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Demonstration Performance Results-Ultralow NOx without additional hardware844.8 KBDecember 17, 2020Achates Power Cost Study White Paper - March-2020316.7 KBMarch 27, 2020HD Diesel Performance Results462.1 KBMarch 27, 2020Initial Results on a new Light-Duty 2.7L Opposed-Piston Gasoline Compression Ignition Multi-Cylinder Engine1.3 MBOctober 17, 2019Experimental Comparison of GCI and Diesel Combustion in a Medium-Duty Opposed-Piston Engine751.8 KBOctober 17, 2019Fuel Injection System for Opposed-Piston Gasoline Compression-Ignited (OP-GCI) Engines4.0 MBApril 9, 2019Achieving Ultra-Low Oil Consumption in Opposed Piston Two-Stroke Engines1.6 MBMarch 1, 2019Cold-Start WHTC and WHSC Testing Results on Multi-Cylinder Opposed-Piston Engine Demonstrating Low CO 2 Emissions while Meeting BS-VI Emissions and Enabling Aftertreatment Downsizing2.5 MBDecember 21, 2018Cold Start HD FTP Test Results on Multi-Cylinder Opposed-Piston Engine Demonstrating Rapid Exhaust Enthalpy Rise to Achieve Ultra Low NOx1.2 MBMay 18, 2018New 2.7L 650 Nm Opposed-Piston Engine for Light Commercial Vehicles583.1 KBFebruary 1, 2018Developing a 55% BTE Commercial Heavy-Duty Opposed- Piston Engine without a Waste Heat Recovery System4.1 MBNovember 15, 2017New developments for Opposed-Piston Engine: Tailpipe emissions analysis and test results, funded research for gasoline compression ignition404.6 KBJuly 6, 2017Exploring the Next Frontier in Efficiency with the Opposed-Piston Engine599.8 KBJuly 6, 2017The Opposed-Piston Engine: The Next Step in Vehicle Efficiency1.5 MBJuly 6, 2017Achieving Bharat Stage VI Emissions Regulations While Improving Fuel Economy with the Opposed-Piston Engine3.3 MBJuly 6, 2017Simulation and Analysis of After-Treatment Systems (ATS) for Opposed-Piston Engine989.2 KBFebruary 6, 2017Developing a 55+ BTE Commercial Heavy-Duty Opposed-Piston Engine without a Waste Heat Recovery System1.3 MBDecember 19, 2016Multi-Cylinder Opposed-Piston Engine Results on Transient Test Cycle5.7 MBOctober 18, 2016Multi-Cylinder Opposed Piston Transient and Exhaust Temperature Management Test Results4.6 MBDecember 2, 2015Opposed-Piston 2-Stroke Multi-Cylinder Engine Dynamometer Demonstration5.6 MBJune 19, 2015Low Emissions and Rapid Catalyst Light-Off Capability for Upcoming Emissions Regulations with an Opposed-Piston, Two-Stroke Engine970.7 KBApril 13, 2015Modernizing the Opposed-Piston Engine for More Efficient Military Ground Vehicle Applications1.1 MBApril 13, 2015Modernizing the Opposed-Piston, Two-Stroke Diesel Engine for More Efficient Commercial Vehicle Applications2.4 MBApril 13, 2015Modernizing the Opposed-Piston, Two-Stroke Engine for Clean, Efficient Transportation1.0 MBApril 13, 2015Effects of Injection Pattern Design on Piston Thermal Management in an Opposed-Piston Two-Stroke Engine2.2 MBApril 13, 2015Opposed-Piston, Two-Stroke Diesel Engine Advantages in Meeting Higher Fuel Efficiency and Emissions Standards1.4 MBApril 13, 2015Practical Applications of Opposed-Piston Engine Technology to Reduce Fuel Consumption and Emissions2.5 MBApril 13, 2015Optimizing Combustion in an Opposed-Piston, Two-Stroke (OP2S) Diesel Engine2.0 MBApril 13, 2015Meeting Stringent 2025 Emissions and Fuel Efficiency Regulations with an Opposed-Piston, Light-Duty Diesel Engine5.6 MBApril 13, 2015Achieving the Most Stringent CO2 Commercial Truck Standards with Opposed Piston Engine1.5 MBApril 13, 2015Cylinder Cooling for Improved Durability on an Opposed-Piston Engine2.2 MBApril 16, 2012The Renaissance of the Opposed-Piston Two-Stroke Diesel Engine for Commercial Applications623.5 KBSeptember 22, 2011Thermodynamic Benefits of Opposed-Piston Two-Stroke Engines2.1 MBSeptember 14, 2011The Achates Power Opposed-Piston Two-Stroke Engine: Performance and Emissions Results in a Medium-Duty Application1.1 MBSeptember 13, 20112011_SRM_Winter2011636.6 KBJanuary 2, 2011Opposed-Piston Two-Stroke Diesel Engine – A Renaissance2.5 MBJanuary 1, 2011Opposed-Piston Engine Renaissance – Power for the Future2.5 MBDecember 10, 2010
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