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Proven Results

Achates Power engineers have published a series of technical papers to help inform the industry about the advantages of opposed piston engines and to document measured results.   The most important papers are available below.


Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Performance and Emissions Summary599.2 KBFebruary 21, 2024Achates Power Initial Hydrogen Combustion Test Results Report814.8 KBFebruary 2, 2024Hydrogen Opposed-Piston Engine with Direct Injection, Compression Ignition Combustion906.3 KBNovember 7, 2023Summary of the 2022 CARB Heavy-Duty Demonstration Program Review585.3 KBJune 10, 2022Achates Power Opposed-Piston Engine Commercialization Pathway473.7 KBMay 13, 2022Achates Power Heavy Duty Diesel In-Use Testing Results250.8 KBApril 6, 2022Initial Results on a New Light- Duty 2.7-L Opposed-Piston Gasoline Compression Ignition Multi-Cylinder Engine - JERT-21-18311.6 MBFebruary 11, 2022Achates Power - Ultralow NOx at Low Loads and Idle537.3 KBJune 17, 2021Hydrogen Opposed-Piston Engines842.0 KBMay 21, 2021Summary of the CARB Heavy-Duty Demonstration Program Review739.2 KBApril 28, 2021Achates Power Opposed-Piston Engine Oil Consumption and Durability Results463.5 KBFebruary 8, 2021Achates Power Opposed-Piston Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Demonstration Performance Results-Ultralow NOx without additional hardware844.8 KBDecember 17, 2020Achates Power Cost Study White Paper - March-2020316.7 KBMarch 27, 2020HD Diesel Performance Results462.1 KBMarch 27, 2020Initial Results on a new Light-Duty 2.7L Opposed-Piston Gasoline Compression Ignition Multi-Cylinder Engine1.3 MBOctober 17, 2019Experimental Comparison of GCI and Diesel Combustion in a Medium-Duty Opposed-Piston Engine751.8 KBOctober 17, 2019Fuel Injection System for Opposed-Piston Gasoline Compression-Ignited (OP-GCI) Engines4.0 MBApril 9, 2019Achieving Ultra-Low Oil Consumption in Opposed Piston Two-Stroke Engines1.6 MBMarch 1, 2019Cold-Start WHTC and WHSC Testing Results on Multi-Cylinder Opposed-Piston Engine Demonstrating Low CO 2 Emissions while Meeting BS-VI Emissions and Enabling Aftertreatment Downsizing2.5 MBDecember 21, 2018Cold Start HD FTP Test Results on Multi-Cylinder Opposed-Piston Engine Demonstrating Rapid Exhaust Enthalpy Rise to Achieve Ultra Low NOx1.2 MBMay 18, 2018New 2.7L 650 Nm Opposed-Piston Engine for Light Commercial Vehicles583.1 KBFebruary 1, 2018Developing a 55% BTE Commercial Heavy-Duty Opposed- Piston Engine without a Waste Heat Recovery System4.1 MBNovember 15, 2017New developments for Opposed-Piston Engine: Tailpipe emissions analysis and test results, funded research for gasoline compression ignition404.6 KBJuly 6, 2017Exploring the Next Frontier in Efficiency with the Opposed-Piston Engine599.8 KBJuly 6, 2017The Opposed-Piston Engine: The Next Step in Vehicle Efficiency1.5 MBJuly 6, 2017Achieving Bharat Stage VI Emissions Regulations While Improving Fuel Economy with the Opposed-Piston Engine3.3 MBJuly 6, 2017Simulation and Analysis of After-Treatment Systems (ATS) for Opposed-Piston Engine989.2 KBFebruary 6, 2017Developing a 55+ BTE Commercial Heavy-Duty Opposed-Piston Engine without a Waste Heat Recovery System1.3 MBDecember 19, 2016Multi-Cylinder Opposed-Piston Engine Results on Transient Test Cycle5.7 MBOctober 18, 2016Multi-Cylinder Opposed Piston Transient and Exhaust Temperature Management Test Results4.6 MBDecember 2, 2015Opposed-Piston 2-Stroke Multi-Cylinder Engine Dynamometer Demonstration5.6 MBJune 19, 2015Low Emissions and Rapid Catalyst Light-Off Capability for Upcoming Emissions Regulations with an Opposed-Piston, Two-Stroke Engine970.7 KBApril 13, 2015Modernizing the Opposed-Piston Engine for More Efficient Military Ground Vehicle Applications1.1 MBApril 13, 2015Modernizing the Opposed-Piston, Two-Stroke Diesel Engine for More Efficient Commercial Vehicle Applications2.4 MBApril 13, 2015Modernizing the Opposed-Piston, Two-Stroke Engine for Clean, Efficient Transportation1.0 MBApril 13, 2015Effects of Injection Pattern Design on Piston Thermal Management in an Opposed-Piston Two-Stroke Engine2.2 MBApril 13, 2015Opposed-Piston, Two-Stroke Diesel Engine Advantages in Meeting Higher Fuel Efficiency and Emissions Standards1.4 MBApril 13, 2015Practical Applications of Opposed-Piston Engine Technology to Reduce Fuel Consumption and Emissions2.5 MBApril 13, 2015Optimizing Combustion in an Opposed-Piston, Two-Stroke (OP2S) Diesel Engine2.0 MBApril 13, 2015Meeting Stringent 2025 Emissions and Fuel Efficiency Regulations with an Opposed-Piston, Light-Duty Diesel Engine5.6 MBApril 13, 2015Achieving the Most Stringent CO2 Commercial Truck Standards with Opposed Piston Engine1.5 MBApril 13, 2015Cylinder Cooling for Improved Durability on an Opposed-Piston Engine2.2 MBApril 16, 2012The Renaissance of the Opposed-Piston Two-Stroke Diesel Engine for Commercial Applications623.5 KBSeptember 22, 2011Thermodynamic Benefits of Opposed-Piston Two-Stroke Engines2.1 MBSeptember 14, 2011The Achates Power Opposed-Piston Two-Stroke Engine: Performance and Emissions Results in a Medium-Duty Application1.1 MBSeptember 13, 20112011_SRM_Winter2011636.6 KBJanuary 2, 2011Opposed-Piston Two-Stroke Diesel Engine – A Renaissance2.5 MBJanuary 1, 2011Opposed-Piston Engine Renaissance – Power for the Future2.5 MBDecember 10, 2010
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