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Medium & Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles

Clean, Efficient Diesel Engines

When we started Achates Power in 2004, we hoped to take advantage of the inherent efficiency of the Opposed Piston engine while matching the emissions compliance of conventional engines.  Interestingly, we found that not only do the OP Engines offer substantial efficiency improvements, they have important advantages in reducing NOx – so much so that the California Air Resources Board is funding a Class 8 Heavy Duty Diesel Demonstration Program to demonstrate the ability to reduce NOx by 90% while also reducing CO2.

Robust Compliance

Diesel after-treatment systems are essential to nearly eliminate harmful emissions like NOx and particulate matter from the engine but degrade when subject to high temperatures.  The OP engine substantially reduces extreme thermal excursions because it offers more robust compliance and longer after-treatment system effectiveness.

The proprietary cylinder and piston designs achieve important improvements in thermal efficiency while minimizing emissions. Based on its unique technology, Achates Power is creating clean, more fuel-efficient and lower-cost engines for the 21st Century.

Mitigating Emissions with Higher Standards

Commercial vehicles are 5% of total vehicles on the road, yet use 25% of the fuel and emit 40% of the oxides of nitrogen. The Opposed-Piston Engine has the potential to improve heavy duty (HD) class 8 truck fuel efficiency with a 90% reduction in NOx and a reduction in CO2 to EPA’s 2027 levels. Reducing tailpipe emissions and CO2 emissions at the same time is essential to meeting our transportation goals.

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