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Off-Road and Power Generation

Compression Ignition Engine

Compression ignition engines achieve superior thermal efficiency by the virtue of their higher compression ratio, leaner combustion, and reduced pumping losses. Although the very first compression ignition engine, designed by Rudolph Diesel in 1894, ran on pure peanut oil, today’s compression ignition engines rely on diesel fuel, which is widely available, cost-effective, and enables efficient engine operation.

The Combination of Choice for Off Road and Power Generation

Compression ignition with diesel fuel is, therefore, the combination of choice for the commercial transportation of goods and people on the road, rail and water.

Engine Architecture with 15% Fewer Moving Parts

Achates Power is working with large engine manufacturers to deliver engines that meet Tier 4 Final emission standards while setting new benchmarks for efficiency. The engine architecture has 15% fewer moving parts than conventional engines, which improves reliability and serviceability and eliminates the need for minor overhauls.

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