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Clean. More Efficient. Lightweight. Cost Effective.

Addressing the Global Need for Power

With three billion more engines expected to be sold by 2050, the global industry needs a fundamental, step-function improvement in internal combustion engine efficiency.  Leading engine and vehicle OEMs from around the world understand this need and have put us to work designing engines for their applications.

Achates Power is actively engaged with leading passenger vehicle and commercial truck original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers throughout the world. The company is also working in the military, maritime and stationary power industries through its contracts with the U.S. Army, Cummins, and others.

Since the Achates Power Opposed-Piston Engine uses standard materials and processes, it can take advantage of the common manufacturing methods, tools and facilities currently employed by OEMs around the world. With a relatively modest re-tooling expense, the Achates Power Opposed-Piston Engine can be produced in existing engine manufacturing plants. Existing components can be modified for use in opposed-piston engines.  A recent study by FEV concludes that OP engines are 11% less expensive than conventional engines of the same power and torque.  The OP engine design saves in reduced aftertreatment system size and expense (due to the inherently low NOx capabilities of the architecture) and by eliminating the cylinder head and valve train.  The OP engine is more efficient, sets new benchmarks in low emissions, and is less expensive to build.

Achates Power’s revenue stream comes from the following:

Engineering Services

Achates Power offers engineering and engine design services based on our proprietary technology. Customers then manufacture these engines for use in their own applications.

Technology Licensing

Achates Power also offers a technology license for access to designs, expertise, tools, control software and patents. With this technology license, Achates Power earns a royalty for each engine sold by using our license.

Who We Are

Achates Power enables modern transportation technology. Our innovative technologies enable low CO2 and low emissions Opposed-Piston Engines. Our radically improved internal combustion engines are providing solutions to meet the needs of current and future transportation in multiple different applications.

How We Do It

Achates Power partners with strategic industry members to co-develop engine solutions as a team. These key partnerships have given us the ability to continue driving visionary transportation applications through research and development work while continuing development on customer-based programs.

These commitments from industry partners, suppliers, investors and our customers are transforming the future of transportation by investing in the future of clean energy, reducing emissions, and improving efficiency. We believe in this process and remain obligated to innovations.

Why We Do It

Economic Value

Our company line is built to provide economic value to our customers while accelerating a positive impact on the environment.

According to data gathered by the International Council on Clean Transportation, we predict an additional three billion more Internal Combustion Engines will be built by 2050. We estimate that if every one of those engines was an Opposed-Piston Engine, we could see a reduction of 45 Gigatons of greenhouse gas during the lifecycle of those vehicles.

Industry-Driven Technology

Not only is there an economic case to be made for the adoption of the Opposed-Piston Engine, but there is a moral imperative to change the industry and drive modern technology forward. In the U.S. alone, more than 128 million people live in counties that exceed ozone or PM2.5 standards. Since mobile sources are a major contributor to this pollution and because we know advanced engine technology like the Opposed-Piston engine can nearly eliminate this pollution, it imperative that cleaner engines be put on the road quickly.

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