US Army awards Cummins $87M contract to deliver the opposed-piston Advanced Combat Engine

The US Army has awarded Cummins an $87-million contract to complete the development of the Advanced Combat Engine (ACE), a modular and scalable diesel engine solution, capable of hybridization, that uses innovative opposed-piston (OP) technology to provide leap-ahead capabilities in power density and heat rejection not available in the current marketplace. (Earlier post.)


Coupling our opposed-piston technology with Cummins’s robust engine design, manufacturing, and new product introduction capabilities allows us to create a high performing and reliable engine for military operations. Achates Power is pleased to continue to support Cummins as a key technology partner in creating the next generation of engines for combat vehicles.

—Dave Crompton, President and CEO of Achates Power

The recently awarded Other Transaction Authority (OTA) contract builds upon a competitive multi-year effort from the US Army’s Ground Vehicle Systems Center (GVSC) to develop transformational powertrain technology that is power dense, thermally efficient, modular, scalable, and affordable enough to enable the toughest mobility, survivability, and lethality vehicle requirements.

Furthermore, the OTA allows for transitioning the new technology into the next generation of vehicle programs ahead of the programs’ launch dates.

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This article originally appeared in the Green Car Congress, on August 3, 2021.


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