“World’s cleanest combustion engine”: Meet Achates 10.6-litre, 3-cylinder diesel motor

This engine is designed to take on natural gas, gasoline, diesel as well as hydrogen fuel.

By:Express Drives Desk

Imagine having a very high-capacity diesel engine, something in excess of eight litres and used in a truck. Now, one can fathom the amount of smoke, huff and puff this engine will make while carrying a trailer bed. What if we told you that a new 10.6-litre, 3-cylinder diesel engine is in development by Achates Power and the company says that this motor is the “World’s cleanest combustion unit”. Less smoke, more fuel-efficient and higher power. On the dyno, this engine hits 440hp of power and a massive 2372Nm of torque. There is potential for more is what Achates says. This diesel engine development started in late 2018 and is funded by Saudi Aramco. Achates took inspiration from the aviation field to build this engine and hence a two-stroke design was selected over the prevalent 4-stroke unit. At present, the engine is being used in the Peterbilt 579, a Walmart delivery vehicle, for testing. Click here to continue reading

This article originally appeared on May 19, 2021 at Financial Express