Thanks to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for finalizing new truck efficiency standards for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. The new standards will save nearly two billion barrels of oil, $170 billion in fuel costs, and reduce carbon pollution by 1.1. billion metric tons over the lifetime of vehicles sold under the program.

As a global engine development company focused on engineering fuel efficient, clean transportation, we are helping to ensure that vehicles are significantly more efficient and emit less harmful emissions. We strive to do so without affordability constraints for customers or profit concerns for manufacturers. Achates Power’s radically improved Opposed-Piston Engine (OP Engine) can go a long way towards achieving the goals of the new program.

Package delivery vans, tractor-trailers, buses, and other large trucks account for seven percent of all vehicles on the roads but consume a quarter of all transportation fuel. The new rule, finalized last week, will make trucks cleaner, more efficient, while accelerating innovation in this growing sector.

David Johnson, president and CEO

Achates Power

The Ecology Center, an environmental organization with a long history advocating for policies encouraging more efficient use of transportation fuels, is strongly supportive of the new truck fuel efficiency standards.

The new rules build on the highly successful fuel economy standards established almost five years ago for passenger vehicles. Smart fuel efficiency regulations are helping put money back into the economy and truck drivers’ pockets while giving the U.S., and our planet, an extended breath of fresh air.

Charles Griffith, director of Climate & Energy

The Ecology Center

Clean Fuels Michigan is dedicated to growing a high-tech, clean transportation industry. We believe in economic growth and a sustainable environment and we know that smart federal regulations for the transportation sector help drive technology innovation in the marketplace.

That is why Clean Fuels Michigan supports the latest fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas emission standards. These new rules will help modernize the fleet of tractor-trailers, package delivery vans, transit buses and more by spurring more efficient clean fuel vehicle technologies.

Erika Vette, legislative assistant

Acuitas LLC

Originally posted by David Johnson on The Detroit News (August 22, 2016) (View Original Article)