Achates, Walmart Launch Opposed-Piston Engine Trial

Achates Power and Walmart are teaming on a joint test of the engine-maker’s opposed-piston diesel in the retail giant’s tractor-trailer rigs. Achates says the engine cuts CO2 emissions 10% without any added cost.

Joseph Szczesny | Apr 26, 2022

The new engine built by Achates Power of San Diego is being put into service in a Peterbilt 579 Tractor as part of a fleet of vehicles operated by Walmart.

The Achates Power ultra-low-NOx engine  is engineered to achieve superior fuel efficiency because of its lower heat losses, improved combustion and reduced pumping losses. It reduces carbon dioxide by 10%.

Achates Power low-emission 10.6L opposed-piston engine

The engine delivers ultra-low NOx by managing exhaust-gas temperatures to ensure rapid catalyst light off and by maintaining aftertreatment temperatures at optimum operating conditions in all driving conditions, the company says.

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This article originally in Wards Auto April 26, 2022