Fuel specific oil consumptionAchates Power’s state-of-the-art facility in San Diego, California, uses advanced computer-based design and analysis tools to fully characterize the unique nature of the Achates opposed-piston engine and to allow rapid optimization during the development process.

The Achates Power fuel lab rivals those of leading OEM fuel injector manufacturers and includes laser Doppler anemometry and laser induced fluorescence to characterize fuel spray, and a cutting-edge fuel bench for mapping fuel injectors.

The company’s facility has two dynamometers with complete instrumentation to record all necessary engine parameters and test cell conditions. Over 6 GB of data can be taken from each engine run including that generated by 150 thermal sensor sites, some of which are located inside the pistons and transmitted wirelessly for recording.

Combustion engineMeasurement equipment includes:

  • A real-time Dekati mass monitor for particulate matter
  • California Analytical Instruments chemiluminescence gaseous emissions measurement device
  • DaVinci real-time sulfur trace oil control measurement device
  • AVL smoke meter
  • AVL combustion noise meter
  • Bosch opacity meter