The Story Is in the Data

Not many engine companies publish their technical results. We do, and I’ll tell you why.

Having worked at Ford, Case New Holland and FEV, I’ve evaluated many new engine concepts from multiple engine companies and inventors. Each of these concepts used different technologies and highlighted different benchmarks to validate success. The claims were all extraordinary and very few of these manufacturers ever discussed their technical results in any real detail. Continue reading

Is the Industry Ready for a New Engine?

Since I joined Achates Power, I’ve often been asked, “Can an ‘outside company’ change the 100+ year-old engine business?”  In our industry, there are few historical examples to reference.  The most notable is the Wankel engine, which had some commercial success.  Unfortunately, the engine didn’t deliver on the market’s request for a cleaner alternative. Today, we need dramatically more fuel-efficient engines that also meet emissions and all the other requirements of modern, conventional engines.

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