Technical Advisory Board

With over 200 years of combined experience, the Achates Power Technical Advisory Board consists of Members of the National Academy of Engineering and Fellows of SAE and meets every six to eight weeks to review the team’s findings.

Jim Lemke, Founder and Chief Scientist of Achates Power, and Chairman of the TAB. Dr. Lemke (Ph.D University of California Santa Barbara) is a Member of the National Academy of Engineering, and a Fellow in the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers. He has founded a number of successful companies, including Spin Physics (sold to Kodak). He has been granted more than 100 U.S. patents.

David Foster. Dr. Foster (Ph.D. MIT) is a retired Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin, and was on the faculty at the Engine Research Center, which is the Center of Excellence in Advanced Propulsion Systems for the Army Research Office. Dr. Foster is an expert in the field of internal combustion and fluid dynamics. Dr. Foster is Fellow of the SAE, and he has served on several National Research Council (NRC) committees including Committee to Review the Partnership for New Generation of Vehicles and Committee for Peer Review of the DOE Office of Heavy Vehicle Technologies.

David F. Merrion. Mr. Merrion (MSME MIT) is a retired Executive Vice President of Engineering at Detroit Diesel Corporation and currently serves as a consultant to DDC, GM, and other companies. He is an SAE Fellow, an ASME Fellow and has participated in the National Academy of Science review of the Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles (PNGV) research program. He has been the SAE Buckendale Lecturer and in 2002 was honored as the ASME Sochiro Honda Lecturer. In addition, in 2012 he received SAE’s Franz F. Pischinger Powertrain Innovation Award.

John Koszewnik. Mr. Koszewnik is the former Chief Technical Officer of Achates Power, and a member of the Board of Directors. Prior to joining Achates Power in 2011, Koszewnik had senior leadership positions at Ford Motor Company, leading diesel engine development and engine engineering for V engines; Case New Holland where he directed construction equipment product development; and, FEV, Inc., where he led product development. Koszewnik earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology and a Master in Business Administration from Harvard University. He is a Member of the National Academy of Engineering, elected in 2016 based on his past and present work in engine design.

Wally Wade. Mr. Wade (MSME University of Michigan) is a retired Technical Fellow of Ford Motor Company, focusing on low-emissions engine technology. He is a Member of the National Academy of Engineering, an SAE Fellow, and has been awarded the SAE Edward N. Cole Award, the Henry Ford Technology Award, and in 2003 was honored as the ASME Sochiro Honda Lecturer.

Ward Winer. Dr. Winer (Ph.D. University of Michigan and Cambridge University) is the Emeritus Chair of the Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech. Dr. Winer is an expert in tribology and fluid mechanics. Dr. Winer is a Member of the National Academy of Engineering, was a technical editor for the Journal of Tribology, and has received numerous awards for his contributions to the field.

Past Members

Niels Johannes “John” Beck. Dr. Beck (Ph.D. University of Wisconsin) held executive positions at General Motors, Douglas Aircraft Company and Cummins Engine Company before founding his own consulting firm in 1975. He later co-founded Poway-based Clean Air Power. Dr. Beck also served as president and Fellow of the Society of Automotive Engineers and is regarded as a pioneer in electronic fuel injection and control technologies. He was granted a total of 26 patents and was a member of the Achates Power Technical Advisory Board from its founding in 2004 until his passing in 2011.

Craig Marks. Dr. Marks (Ph.D. California Institute of Technology) was a chief engineer at General Motors, instrumental in the development of the first hydrogen fuel cell and GM’s electric vehicles, Electrovan and Electrovair. He was later vice president of engineering and technology at TRW’s automotive worldwide sector before moving on to Allied Signal Automotive Sector. Dr. Marks was an SAE Fellow and, in 1985, was elected a Member of the National Academy of Engineering. He participated in the Achates Power Technical Advisory Board from its 2004 beginning until his passing in 2009.