Two-Stroke Diesel Engine

The engineers and scientists started Achates Power in 2004 with the audacious idea that innovation and modern technology could transform the proven and record-setting two-stroke opposed-piston engines of the past into the clean and efficient engines of the future.

Taking advantage of advances in analytical tools and the plummeting cost of computing combined, Achates Power solved the fundamental problems which had previously hindered the development of two-stroke opposed-piston engines, thus unleashing their full potential.

Achates Power’s extensive prototyping capabilities and state-of-the-art test facilities are instrumental to confirm at every step the validity of our analytical approach and results.

The proprietary cylinder and piston designs achieve unprecedented improvements in combustion efficiency and oil consumption to meet the most stringent emissions regulation. In conjunction with the thermal efficiency advantage inherent to opposed-piston engines, our designs realize significant reductions in fuel consumption over conventional four-stroke compression ignition engines. Based on its unique technology, Achates Power is creating clean, more fuel efficient and lower cost engines for the 21st Century.