Initial Results on a new Light-Duty 2.7L Opposed-Piston Gasoline Compression Ignition Multi-Cylinder Engine

Authors: Ashwin Salvi, Reed Hanson, Rodrigo Zermeno, Gerhard Regner, Fabien Redon (Achates Power)
Mark Sellnau (Delphi Technologies)
Presented at ASME 2018 Internal Combustion Fall Technical Conference

Experimental Comparison of GCI and Diesel Combustion in a Medium-Duty Opposed-Piston Engine

Authors: Reed Hanson, Ashwin Salvi, Fabien Redon and Gerhard Regner
Presented at ASME 2018 Internal Combustion Fall Technical Conference

Fuel Injection System for Opposed-Piston Gasoline Compression-Ignited (OP-GCI) Engines

Presented at SAE WCX 2019:

Mark Sellnau, Kevin Hoyer, Jean Herve Petot, Erol Kahraman, Guillaume Meissonnier

Rodrigo Zermeno, Donovan Quimby, Clark Klyza, Fabien Redon

Achieving Ultra-Low Oil Consumption in Opposed Piston Two-Stroke Engines

Authors: Dan Chown, John Koszewnik, Ryan MacKenzie, Dan Pfeifer, Brian Callahan, and Manny Vittal
Achates Power, Inc.; Kent Froelund Da Vinci Technologies
Presented at SAE International Powertrain, Fuels and Lubricants 2019

Cold-Start WHTC and WHSC Testing Results on Multi-Cylinder Opposed-Piston Engine Demonstrating Low CO 2 Emissions while Meeting BS-VI Emissions and Enabling Aftertreatment Downsizing

Authors: Samrat Patil, Abhishek Sahasrabudhe, David Youngren, Fabien Redon, David Johnson, Laurence Fromm, John Headley

Presented at SIAT 2019

Cold Start HD FTP Test Results on Multi-Cylinder Opposed-Piston Engine Demonstrating Rapid Exhaust Enthalpy Rise to Achieve Ultra Low NOx

SAE International Paper

Authors: Samrat Patil, Ahmad Ghazi ,Fabien Redon, Dan Schum and John Headley –  Achates Power Inc.
Christopher Sharp Southwest Research Institute

New 2.7L 650 Nm Opposed-Piston Engine for Light Commercial Vehicles

Presented at JSAE 2017

Authors: Fabien Redon and Larry Fromm

Progress in Light-Duty OPGCI Engine Design and Testing

Presented at 2017 SIA Conference

Authors: Reed Hanson, Sebastian Strauss, Fabien Redon and Ashwin Salvi

Developing a 55% BTE Commercial Heavy-Duty Opposed- Piston Engine without a Waste Heat Recovery System

Presented at SAE World Congress, April 2017

Neerav Abani, Nishit Nagar, Rodrigo Zermeno, Michael Chiang

Achieving Bharat Stage VI Emissions Regulations While Improving Fuel Economy with the Opposed-Piston Engine

Presented at 2017 SIAT Conference – Awarded Best Paper on Exhaust Emissions

Authors: Suramya Naik, David Johnson, Laurence Fromm, John Koszewnik, Fabien Redon, Gerhard Regner, and Neerav Abani