Achates Power Addresses Commercial Truck Mileage and Emissions Standards

August 9, 2011, Torque News

In a timely interview one week before President Obama announces the first U.S. CO2 emission rules for heavy trucks in Springfield, VA today, Achates Power, showed why it participated in the 2011 CAR Management Business Seminars in Traverse City, Michigan.

Heritage and Innovation – Achates Power is Dedicated to Opposed-Piston Two-Stroke Engine

July 30, 2011, Automobile & Parts Magazine

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A 54.5 MPG Standard to Hit in 2025: Here Are Ten Ways to Improve Mileage

July 28, 2011, Greentech Media

With higher fuel standards on the way, here are some technologies that you might see automakers adopt, or adopt more often. . .6. New Engines. Pinnacle Engines is working on an opposed-piston gas engine, while EcoMotors and Achates Power have opposed-piston diesels.

Heritage and Innovation – Achates Power is Dedicated to Opposed-Piston Two-Stroke Engine

July 27, 2011,

The 50 MPG Chevy?

July 22, 2011, Greentech Media

Further out, expect to see trucks and/or cars powered by opposed piston diesel engines from the likes of Achates Power and EcoMotors. Achates Power says its two-stroke opposed piston diesel engine can increase fuel efficiency by another 10 to 15 percent.

Achates Power Kicks Off Talks with OEMs

July 18, 2011, Autocar Professional Magazine

US-based Achates Power Inc is in talks with Indian OE manufacturers for an improved internal combustion engine technology that it has designed in-house. The two-stroke, opposed-piston (OP), compression ignition diesel engine is claimed to possess the ability to enhance fuel economy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lower costs for running passenger cars and commercial vehicles.Achates Power is in the process of defining projects for working with Indian vehicle manufacturers after completion of technical due diligence by prospective clients.

Achates Power To Conduct Field Trials

July 16, 2011, Auto Monitor

Achates Power believes that opposed piston technology can help Indian OEMs to have vehicles that are more fuel efficient besides being cleaner in terms of emissions.

Achates Power Drives Opposed Piston Engine

July 15, 2011, Autocar Professional Magazine

American company is in talks with some Indian OE manufacturers for the use of its fuel-efficient, opposed piston engine.

Achates Eyes Indian Auto Market with New Engine

July 12, 2011, Hundu Business Line

It is barely seven years old but the US-based Achates Power already has over 800 patentable innovations in its kitty. Its mandate is simple: build better engines to meet the environmental challenges of the global transport industry. Read PDF Version

U.S. Opposed-Piston Engine Challenges Conventional Engines

July 11, 2011,