Interview with David Johnson, President & CEO, Achates Power

February 15, 2011, Auto Monitor

A Nerd’s-Eye View Of The North American International Auto Show

January 12, 2011,

Developer Looks to Take Next Step With 2-Stroke Engine Concept

December 7, 2010,

Opposed-piston Diesel Engine Closer to Reality

November 29, 2010,

Xconomy Forum Calls for Bold Leadership and Collaboration in Smart Energy

June 30, 2010, Calit2

Sixteen Ancient Green Technologies Reborn

March 31, 2010, CBS News

Not everything is new in greentech. A number of companies are based around technologies and concepts coined years and even centuries ago.

7 Startups Building Green Car Tech for a Pre-Electric World

March 9, 2010, Clean Energy Sector

Achates Power... Testing a 4.2 liter, 4-cylinder engine "that rivals conventional engines nearly twice its size." Plans to license tech to big manufacturers and automakers

Opposed-piston Engine Company Achates Power Closes $19.2M Series B Round

January 9, 2010, Green Car Congress

Achates Power, a company developing a new family of opposed-piston engines, has completed a $19.2M Series B round with the addition of a new investor, Triangle Peak Partners. Triangle Peak joins the company's existing investors: Sequoia Capital Partners, Rockport Capital Partners, Madrone Capital Partners, and InterWest Partners.

25 Companies to Watch in Energy Tech

July 14, 2009, Business Week

These clean-energy startups are hitting the market with products and services that could radically alter how we think of, and consume, power

Achates Power Rides Diesel Wave with Clean Engines

June 8, 2009, Cleantech Group

The same fuel efficiency that drew Europeans to embrace diesel engines is taking hold of the U.S., and startup Achates Power is ready to pounce.