Another Company Developing Fuel-Efficient, Opposed-Piston Engine

June 17, 2011, Heavy Duty Trucking

"Pistons stay cooler and less heat is rejected than in current four-stroke diesels, which allows use of a smaller cooling system. Lab testing shows the Achates has 12 to 16 percent better brake-specific fuel efficiency. And if a modern four-stroke diesel's thermodynamic efficiency is 45 to 46 percent, then the Achates engine's "is on the order of 50 percent, and we have a road map to go to 55 percent," says Achates' president, David Johnson."

Achates Power Adds CTO

June 16, 2011, SoCal Tech

San Diego-based Achates Power, the developer of improved internal combustion engine technology, said today that it has named John Koszewnik as Chief Technical Officer.

8 Greentech Trends to Watch

May 11, 2011, CNN Money

"...Achates Power say their engine designs could drastically cut diesel consumption."

Can diesel be a green fuel?

May 8, 2011, The San Diego Union-Tribune

Sorrento Valley company working on efficient engines

Tech – It Helps to Have Friends

April 8, 2011, North County Times

Walmart Heir Played Hand in Achates Powers' Quest to Revolutionize Engine Market

Local Company Touts New Type of Car Engine

March 31, 2011, KGTV-TV

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Start-Ups Work to Reinvent the Combustion Engine

March 30, 2011, The New York Times

"The Volt needs a better engine," said Mr. Johnson, adding that 1,600 hours of testing had shown Achates's engine was 15 percent more efficient than conventional diesel counterparts...

Ford Taps Tiny Bubbles for Lighter, More Fuel Efficient Cars

March 22, 2011, GigaOm/earth2tech and Reuters

Ford is turning to a new tech to reduce the weight of its cars and improve fuel efficiency: tiny bubbles. Ford says it is trialling a technology out of the labs of MIT, now owned by Trexel, called MuCell, which injects micro bubbles into plastic components.

Greener, smarter, cheaper engines for passenger and commercial vehicles

March 17, 2011, San Diego Daily Transcript

James Lemke is an airplane enthusiast who owns quite a few aircraft. Among those are several single-engine planes, which he was anxious about flying without a backup engine. So he wondered, why not have a lightweight engine as a backup?

Achates Power to Release More Efficient Engine

March 4, 2011,

Achates Power, founded in 2004, proposed the creation of a new engine that would save on two important matters, both which are intermingled: fuel and cost.