Latest Test Results for Achates Power Two-Stroke Opposed-Piston Engine Show 20% Improvement Over Four-Stroke Diesel; BTE of 45.1% at Best Operating Point

November 2, 2011, Green Car Congress

Achates Power, the developer of a two-stroke, compression-ignition (CI) opposed-piston (OP) engine announced that the latest test results for a 3-cylinder Achates engine configuration indicate a 20% improvement in cycle-averaged brake-specific fuel consumption (BSFC) when compared to a recently introduced advanced medium-duty four-stroke diesel engine: 192.6 g/kWh BSFC for the Achates engine, versus 239.9 g/kWh for the reference engine.

Achates Power Opposed-Piston Engine More Fuel Efficient than Four-Stroke Diesels

November 1, 2011, Torque News

According to the news release dated Nov. 1, 2011, Achates Power, a developer of radically improved internal combustion engines that increase fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions at lower cost, today announced its highest engine efficiency test results.

Achates Power Cites “Huge” Improvement in Diesel Fuel Savings, Emissions

November 1, 2011, Xconomy

San Diego's Achates Power, a startup developing a radical new design for a diesel-powered truck engine, is blowing its own air horn today about its progress in demonstrating significant improvements in the efficiency and performance of its engine. Through a series of tests that began just over a year ago, Achates says its prototype has shown improved fuel efficiency, while also meeting the new EPA 10 emission standards for heavy trucks, which seek a seven to 20 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2018.

Achates to Make Inroads in CV Segment

November 1, 2011, Auto Monitor

Achates Power, the U.S.-based engine manufacturer, which has refined the opposed-piston engine technology, is looking to penetrate the commercial vehicle segment as the segment provides a much better showcase for the effectiveness of the company's value proposition as compared to the passenger vehicle segment.

Counter Traditional Wisdom

October 31, 2011, Auto Business Review

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Conference Report: ASME 2011 ICE Fall Technical Conference

October 31, 2011, DieselNet Newsletter

This year's ASME Internal Combustion Engine Division Fall Technical Conference was held on October 2-5, 2011 at the Waterfront Place Hotel in Morgantown, West Virginia. . .Achates Power and Da Vinci Emissions Services reported on oil consumption measurements on Achates Power's opposed-piston two-stroke diesel engine. A weighted average fuel-specific lubricant oil consumption of 0.18% was achieved (ICEF2011-60140).

Achates Opposed-Piston Engine 53% Efficient, Study Says

October 13, 2011, Green Big Truck

Achates Power, which is developing a two-stroke, compression-ignition, opposed-piston engine (find out more about OP engines here) has presented performance and emissions results of their engine when used in a medium-duty application.

Global Cleantech Cluster Assoc. Announces 2011 Later Stage Award Finalists

October 12, 2011, The Daily Energy Report

The Global Cleantech Cluster Association has announced its Global Top 30 for the 2011 Later Stage Award. The finalists will be judged by 28 cleantech venture capitalists, investors and serial entrepreneurs who collectively manage $3.5 billion in clean technology investment.

U.S.: Achates Power Wins GoingGreen Automotive Award

October 7, 2011, Automotive World

The Silicon Valley AlwaysOn website's 2011 GoingGreen Global 200 Top Private Companies include Achates Power as the winner among its Global Green Automobiles and Transportation category contenders...

Study Finds Achates Two-Stroke Opposed-Piston Engine Shows Indicated Thermal Efficiency of 53%

October 6, 2011, Green Car Congress

Achates Power, the developer a two-stroke, compression-ignition (CI) opposed-piston (OP) engine (earlier post), is presenting performance and emissions results of the Achates engine used in a medium-duty application, as well as the results of a detailed thermodynamic analysis comparing the closed-cycle thermal efficiencies of three engine configurations: a baseline 6-cylinder, 4-stroke engine; a hypothetical 3-cylinder opposed-piston 4-stroke engine; and a three-cylinder opposed-piston two-stroke engine (the Achates engine).