Fuel Lab

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The primary purpose of the Fuel Lab is to characterize fuel injectors and fuel injection equipment. We supply accurate maps of the electronic control unit to assure proper operation of the fuel injection equipment on the engine. We also collect data to support computational fluid dynamics modeling. To support CFD, we use phased Doppler anemometry. To do this, we position two pairs of laser beams such that they intersect at a defined position within the spray. Data obtained is used to validate models built in Converge or Kiva3. The validated models are used to predict emissions and combustion characteristics. We also use shadow imaging and laser-induced fluorescence.

Achates Power has recognized value and made a significant investment into lasers and test equipment to properly characterize the fuel spray. This is something very few places do.

Achates Power is at the forefront of technology that will revolutionize the internal combustion engine. It will provide superior fuel efficiency and a more sustainable future for everyone. It’s pretty exciting to be part of that.