Corporate Overview

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Hi. I’m David Johnson, the CEO of Achates Power. Let me give you a tour of our facility, and show you what we’re doing to make better engines—engines that use less fuel and cost less too.

Achates Power was founded in 2004 with the mission to fully modernize the efficient opposed-piston engine architecture. Our facility serves more than 50 in-house engineers and scientists focused on applying proven technical and industry expertise together with state-of-the-art design, analysis, fabrication and experimental tools.

Our first stop is the Dyno Cell, where our innovative designs are tested using cutting-edge equipment and technology. The Achates Power Dyno Cell is fully capable with instruments from AVL, Dekati, CAI, Bosch, Da Vinci and more that allow us to characterize our designs with respect to gaseous and particulate emissions, oil consumption, fuel consumption and other essential engine attributes.

Achates Power’s state-of-the-art labs are complemented by multiple UNIX cluster computers that allow us to run several jobs at a time and analyze a variety of complex, multi-million cell models.

Our next stop is the machine shop, where we make our own parts to meet the requirements set by our design team. You’re looking at more than a million dollars of equipment operated by our team of experienced and talented technicians.

Everything at Achates Power is focused on improving the opposed-piston compression ignition engine to be ready for the renewable fuels of tomorrow.

Our final stop is the Fuel Lab where experts characterize the injectors that we use in our engines. Your tour has just scratched the surface of our capabilities. At Achates Power, we’re forging a path to a more economically and environmentally sustainable future. Thanks for joining us.