Company and Technology Testimonials

Stephen Macadam
President & CEO
EnPro Industries, Inc.
(Parent Company of Fairbanks Morse Engine)

“Achates Power has an incredible amount of intellectual property and has done a lot of work to improve the fuel efficiency, power ratio and emissions performance of opposed-piston engines.”

John Wall
Dr. John Wall
Vice President, Chief Technical Officer
Cummins Inc.

“Achates Power has realized the potential for impressive efficiency in their development of the opposed piston architecture. We have worked with Achates Power for a number of years now and applaud their engineers and engineering rigor, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration.”

David Merrion
David Merrion
Merrion Expert Consulting LLC
Former Executive Vice President of Engineering at Detroit Diesel

“Achates Power has made excellent progress overcoming the challenges commonly associated with two-stroke engines: emissions, fuel economy, oil consumption and durability.”

Daniel Hancock
Ret. Vice President, Global Powertrain Engineering
General Motors Co.

“After reviewing the Achates Power engine technology and results, I am excited to work with the company on its commercialization efforts.”

Dr. Karl Viktor Schaller
Ret. Head of Engineering/Advanced Engineering
MAN Truck & Bus AG

“The Achates Power engine provides a very compelling value proposition for light-, medium- and heavy-duty powertrains manufactured in Europe, the U.S. and other regions.”

U.S. Department of Energy
Report of the First Quadrennial Technology Review 2011

“The performance, low cost, and fuel flexibility of ICEs makes it likely that they will continue to dominate the vehicle fleet for at least the next several decades.”

Hugo Junkers
Engineer, Aircraft Designer and Developer of the Junkers Jumo Opposed-Piston Engine

“The opposed-piston, two-stroke engine realizes all of the economic benefits provided by the two-stroke cycle while, at the same time, accomplishing the difficult task of good scavenging.”

Norman Y. Mineta
Former U.S. Secretary of Transportation
The Case for Technology Neutral Public Policy in Fuel Economy Debate:
Allowing Performance to Determine Solutions

“The quickest and most cost-effective way to achieve our energy usage goals is through faster adoption of fuel-efficient downsized gasoline and diesel engines.”