Achates Power engine photoAchates Power is actively engaged with nearly all of the leading passenger vehicle and commercial truck original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers in the world. The company is also working in the military, maritime and stationary power industries through its contracts with the U.S. Army and Fairbanks Morse Engine.

Achates Power’s revenue stream comes from the following:

  • Engineering Services: Achates Power offers engineering , and engine design services based on our proprietary technology. Customers then manufacture these engines for use in their own applications.
  • Technology Licence: Achates Power also offers a technology license for access to designs, expertise, tools, control software and patents. With this technology license, Achates Power earns a royalty for each engine sold by using our license.

Since the Achates Power Opposed-Piston Engine uses standard materials and processes, it can take advantage of the common manufacturing methods, tools and facilities currently employed by OEMs around the world. With a relatively modest re-tooling expense, the Achates Power OP Engine can be produced in existing engine manufacturing plants.