About Us

Achates Power is the developer of radically improved internal combustion engines that increase fuel efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cost less than conventional engines.

The company has 10 concurrent customers whose contracts encompass five different engine applications:

  • Passenger vehicle,
  • Light commercial vehicle,
  • Heavy commercial vehicle,
  • Military and,
  • Marine/stationary power

The Achates Power Opposed-Piston Engine (OP Engine) allows global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to achieve the world’s most stringent current and future fuel efficiency and emissions standards, which include, EPA 2010, Euro 6 and Tier 3/LEV 3, among others, without additional cost or complexity.

Key advantages

Our engines are the key to a sustainable future of clean, efficient and cost-effective vehicle transportation for the masses.

More efficient
More efficient
Lower cost
Lower cost

Tomorrow’s cars and trucks need to be significantly more efficient, emit even less harmful emissions and do so without becoming unaffordable for customers and/or unprofitable for manufacturers. Pure electric vehicles and their fuel cell powered counterparts are unaffordable to the average car buyer; as such, they will remain a market novelty.

The global transportation industry needs a fundamental, step-function improvement in the internal combustion engine efficiency that powers and will power 99.9% of the nearly 100 million vehicles that will be produced and sold year-in and year-out for decades to come.

The demonstrated performance of the Achates Power OP Engine responds directly to the global transportation industry’s needs. The Achates Power OP Engine offers a dramatic improvement in performance compared to conventional engines.

Leading engine and vehicle OEMs from around the world understand this and have put us to work designing and developing engines for their vehicles.